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Current Home Rangers lineup


Rangers v.2 with Andrew McCalmont on bass


Rangers v.1 with Orin Friesen on bass


Crowson cartoons


Rangers with famous people

(Vince Gill stealing Ranger Stan's licks with Byron Berline's fiddle bow on the left, Riders in the Sky and Johnny Western, Michael Martin Murphey and Johnny Western, Ranger Stan with Red Knuckles of Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers-Ranger David's thumb is on the left, Rangers with Miss Kansas, Ranger Stan with Roland White, Ranger Stan with Bobby "Rocky Top" Osborne, Ranger Stan with JD Crowe-The Keith Richards of Bluegrass)


Ranger Stan wins first place at Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championship, Mandolin division, August, 2014


Does this one really need an explanation?